Friday, May 16, 2008

Cover Story…..unbelievable……Cover Girl....behind story

Unbelievable, I can be a Cover Girl!!!

It was unforgettable memory in my life because I was able to become a cover girl. But, it’s not good news to my family members and friends. It’s kind of bad experience in my life. Until now, I still can’t forget this incident happened to me. What had happened to me? I was attacked by a snatch thief while I’m talking with my friend, Wai, over the phone after I parked my car beside the road. I’ve heard similar incident over radio FM988, as I did not give full attention on it.

Unluckily, it happened to me at night around 8:30pm, at Bandar Permaisuri. The snatch thieves rode on motorcycle and cut my fingers by a long knife. Luckily, my hands were not broken. The thief snatched my handbag from behind. I was shocked at that time and my right hand put on the handle. Once I saw the thief, I only able to scream instead of asking for help at that moment. When he seeing my hand on the handle and seems like won’t let him go, he chop my hand straight away. At that moment, I thought it was a rod instead of a long knife. I’ve screamed twice at that moment but no one is coming to help. My mind was stuck and couldn’t figure out what is happening.

So, I let go my right hand after my second scream. I quickly picked up my phone and called for help from my friend, Yee Wei. He is watching World Cup Match in his friend’s apartment. Then, it came out two guys to help me to stop my fingers from bleeding. I only know that my hand was chopped by the snatch thief. I was shivering and crying because of too frightened. Later, a lady came to ask me whether I was robbed by the thief while I am waiting for my friend. I nodded.

The lady, Kim Jie, quickly sent me to nearest hospital, which is Hospital University Kebangsaan. When I arrived at there, the nurse tried to open up my hand. I was damn scared because of pain and kept on crying. So, I waited for doctor to examine my wound and admitted to hospital. I waited until tomorrow morning to do surgery because most of my tendon was cut. It took around 4 hours surgery.

Anyway, it’s kind of good and bad experience in my life that I’ll be cautioned all the time. For those gals, please be cautioned all the time. Don't let any scar on your body.


ky said...

Hi Enny,

This incident really giving you a tragic exp. in your life. From you words, I can felt that this incident has leave a "black spot" in your heart and believe that it will nvr been erase it in you life...Let's this incident always remember you to be "pre-caution" and "pre-alert" about the terrible social issue nowadays....

Take care always and may god bless you...


Enny Leong said...

Hi KY,

Thanks for your concern.

So, you also have to be cautioned.