Thursday, July 31, 2008

Protected by Insurance

Have you bought any insurance to protect yourself?

Like medical card, personal accident and life insurance.

If you haven't bought it, please consider now. It can protect you from time to time, but it depends on your own policy. How much does it cover? How much can you claim when you have accident? Please ask in fully details from your agent. You have the right to understand what are you signing up.

For my policy, it covers 36 critical illness, medical coverage, personal accident and life insurance. I think for the time being should be enough to cover my life medical expenses. For me, these are basic need.

Previously, I've bought an investment insurance but a bit regret to buy this insurance. Because it did not cover much on my medical. I found out when I met an accident. Really a bit disappointed. The agent explained me that my medical only cover RM20k for whole life. does not enough at all to cover my life. So, I decided to sign up another premium to cover my medical expenses.

For saving insurance, it's not recommended to sign up because you can buy fund from any banks or stocks like mutual fund or share to save more money or do some investment. It does not mean that you must have RM1k or RM10k to do such investment. In fact, you can invest with minimum RM200 for first time purchase. It depends on transactions details.

If you can afford to buy an insurance, please keep it for rainy day. Don't wait too late.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arrival in Penang

We arrived in Penang around 10:30am. We waited Jeffery at USM, main campus. We took few photos while we were waiting for Jeffery and Khai. All of us were too excited to start our journey. I think this was first time for all of us to go travelling together. They were Chin Heng's Babe, Aerine's Dear, Pik Guan, Euris, Chee Mun, Eve, Hui Shin, Tart, Fatty and I. wow.....a group of 10 persons.


Penang Trip

aerine, euris, pik guan

Penang Trip

euris & eve

Penang Trip

"say cheese"

hui shin, aerine (both are sister), euris, pik guan, eve n enny

erm.....may be can organise a vote that who is the most beautiful among us. Photobucket

Penang Trip

aerine's dear n chin heng's babe Photobucket

For this Penang trip, unfortunatly we met an accident while we were playing game at the beach, Batu Ferringi after celebrated Uncle Jeff & Pik Guan's belated birthday. Euris twisted her leg when she tried to hit Chee Mun. Her leg was dislocated.

Her hero, Uncle Jeff quickly seeked for assistance from Bay View Hotel. They were willing to help us and brought wheel chair to carry Euris. Appreciated for their help as we were prohibited to enter their hotel at first. Thank, God. They were so kind. May be Euris must treat him a meal or consider to be his GF. Photobucket

Euris was so brave because she didn't cry at that moment. If I were her, I'll cry because I couldn't bear any pain. I really couldn't imagine that Euris could bear with it. All of us accompanied her to general hospital excluded fatty. Because he was not feeling well once we stopped the game. At last, he turned up in hospital and he explained that someone fetched him to go over there without any charges. I couldn't believe it. (@___@)

One thing I couldn't bear with it was Euris's attending doctor; who treated her in bad manner. The doctor advised Euris to admit to wad but didn't explain much about her status. Just said that her leg was in good condition and no crack but have to examine by a specialist. We thought that it was a minor injury and discharged after all. In my opinion, doctor must give a little time for patient to consider whether wanted to admit to wad because the patient has the right to know about her condition.

As I know that there will be no doctor on-duty on Sunday because I've experienced it before. The trainee doctor also admitted that specialist doctors will only be available on Monday morning. But, at last Euris could discharge after examined by another doctor and we fetched her back to Ipoh immediately. At that time was around 3:30am. A special thank you to Louise Then; who is a nurse working in Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh. She recommended Euris to see Dr. Ravi.

Lastly, all of us hope that Euris can recover soon. So, we can go for our next trip. Charlie's Angels are planning to go Genting in end of August. Chee Mun and Yee Wei will go with us too.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Actually, I found out on Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest, to pick a gift from RealMart and deliver it to a fellow nuffnanger.

Well, RealMart really have varieties of gift for me to choose it and deliver it to my angel, Euris. Hope she will love it. haha.....yet to buy for her. Becaues her birthday is coming soon too in October. Photobucket

So, I would like to deliver a gift to one of my angels, Euris. She is nuffnanger too after recomended to her to register as nuffnanger. For the gift item, I would rather to choose a hair dryer for her because her hair is so messy, sometimes.PhotobucketBut, sometimes she is so pretty. She has a long and black hair. I wish to have this kind of hair. So envy on it. The hair dryer has unique ultra-liss system with Solid ceramic coating to straighten the hair while drying it ; 2 temperature / speed settings ; ionic system to dispel static electricity and make the hair shinier and easier to untangle.

May be I can choose Revlon Hair Straightener for her since she has such a long and straight hair. Because it can easily to maintain her straight hair without going to saloon. It is 2in1 with interchangeable ceramic plate, variable heat setting.Generating a more even heat transfer which is gentler on hair, creating a glossy smooth look. I think she will love it if she receive this gift item. Photobucket

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've successfully signed up at PayPerPost and they have approved my blog. Must check on the Word of Mouth Ethics great...yeah....Finally, i've made it. (:D) But, yet to earn money. (:D)

I heard about PayPerPost from one blogger, he was writing about pay per post and explaining that blogger can earn money by writing review or advertisers will pay for review to you. So, I signed up for it because I want to try for writing review for advertisers and post the review on my blog. Then, I can share with my friends. It's good for sharing with each other.

wow....I can write a product review for advertisers!! It is amazing and unbelievable. I will try my best to write for it if I have this opportunity. Of course, need to get approval from advertisers before writing a product review and they pay for it.

Actually, I have learned blogging in December, year 2005. At that time, I did not know how to post a blog or what am I going to write in my blog. So, I have stopped blogging for almost 2 years. Now, I am back. Because I have viewed a lot of blogs and some bloggers really inspire me to go for blogging.

In this cyber world, I have made some new bloggers. They are like my friends. Some of them will write some own opinion, feeling, disappointment, information or frustration on their blogs.

Besides, I heard that blogging can make revenue. Firstly, I did not know how it works. Finally, I have found out from some bloggers and forum. Well, if I could earn extra income, it can cover part of my monthly expenses. May be it could be my daily expenses. Who know? Just try it. Nothing venture nothing gain. (*.~)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Chelsea is coming to Malaysia!!!

great news!!! but, it's an old news. Photobucket

I just knew it through TV.

I'm not a blue supporter. In fact, I'm a red supporter.
Guess what? It's Arsenal.

Chelsea Team

Fatty vs Pretty = Chelsea vs Arsenal.Photobucket

Chelsea will come over Malaysia to play at Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. The match will kick off at 8.45pm . It is a golden-opportunity for Blue Fans to watch their favourite players like Frank Lampard, John Terry, Michael Ballack, Ashley Cole (ex-Arsenal player), Shevchenko and so on. My fatty's favourite player is Lampard. For me..................none.

So, we will go for this great event if my fatty is free on that day. He is always busy all the time. Such a great great busy man..........

For ticket information, please click here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

HBNC = Hospitality Biz Network Consultants

For those who received call from this company, HBNC, please be careful. I received a call on today about winning a vacation voucher for 4 persons, may choose from different places like Kedah, Langkawi, Penang, Pahang and so on. It sounds very attractive because I won a price. But, please don't believe on what they told you. It's a scam. This company is located in Jalan Bangsar.

Actually, last year I received this call before. At last, I didn't turn up because my fatty said that may be it's a scam so better don't go over there to waste our pleasure time. Since it's a bit far from Klang to Jalan Bangsar. Photobucket

The story was like this: This morning, received a call from HBNC, a gal called me up and I forgot to ask her name. Her hp no is 016-225 xxxx. She told me that I've won a price because I went shopping at Tesco, Parkson, MyDin, and so on. wow.....she can list out so many places. She explained that I've filled up a form for a competition when I spent over RM50 in a single receipt. In fact, I didn't. Suddenly, my mind recall it that this company sounds very familiar and received similiar call on last year. Then, she said anytime can come over to her office to collect the voucher. Later, she will sms the address to me.

PhotobucketAnyway, I'm not interested on it. Just replied to her, I'll try to make such arrangement to go over there.

Later, I try to find out more information about this company via internet. For more information, please click here.

Dolphin in Phuket Island

I was a bit surprise to see dolphins in Phuket Island when we were on the way for snorkelling. "wow...I can see real dolphin"Photobucket

The tour guide said that it was like a bonus for us to watch dolphin so he stopped for a while to take photo or record.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Military Band Competition 2007

I was a member of PGS military band from 1995 to 2000. ooopss....don't guess on my age. I'm always 21 years old. Photobucket

Once you worked in other places, you don't have much time to contact with your juniors or get the latest information from them. Actually, I'm wondering what is their coming competition or any activities that seniors can take part for it. It's been quite sometimes that I did not go back to my secondary school to pay them a visit. Feel sorry to all teachers and juniors. Photobucket

Sam Tet

Sam Tet was the winner of this competition in 2007

Sam Tet


sm ave maria convent

SM Ave Maria Convent - 2nd Winner

sm tuanku abdul rahman

SM Tuanku Abdul Rahman - 3rd Winner


SMK Perempuan Perak (Perak Girls' School) - great job!!!

Though they did not win any title in this competition, they have given so much effort to prepare for this battle. Must give them a big clap.Photobucket

Are you a confident woman?

You're Confident...Sometimes

You can seem confident when the occasion calls for it

But inside you may be experiencing a bit of self doubt

A little more inner confidence could take you far...

And convince others that you're as confident as you try to seem

Are You a Confident Woman?

Photobucket haha....I'm confident....but sometimes....may be.....

I got this test from Rosilie. Gals, can try on it.

Charlie's Angels are coming......

Charlie's Angels are coming to Penang!!!! They are "Ipoh Mari". Not from Hollywood.Photobucket

We are going to Penang on this coming Saturday.

To celebrate Joel, Lion Queen's belated birthday as well as Lion King, Jeffery. They are not couple. Don't misunderstanding yo........

Hope to give them a romantic birthday.Photobucket


We have known each other since secondary school. It's been 13 years. wow.......such a long long relationship.

The Twins have known each other since primary school. Both of them always are together for shopping, dancing, drinking, singing and so on, exlude me.PhotobucketBecause I'm working in other places. But, it won't affect our relationship.Photobucket

Hope that our relationship will last forever.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Penang's Heritage

Although the British were described as latecomers in a line of Western Colonialists in Malaysia's history, they arguably left the most enduring legacy, particularly in the form of legislation and the development of George Town into a 'modern' city. Even a short gallop through the history of Penang will not be complete without mention of the arrival of the British in 1786, and the subsequent introduction of British rule in the day-to-day administration and governance of Penang.

One could conjecture that had there been no British authority in Penang, the shape and destiny of heritage conservation could have turned out to be entirely different. Shorn of British influence, the built heritage and living culture of the ethnic enclaves could very well come to the fore. Be that as it may, historical landmarks in Penang bear the inspiration of various influences. Many still stand till this day, although in the preface to the 2nd edition of Streets of George Town, the author lamented that "many heritage buildings have fallen."

George Town, the capital of the state of Penang, has one of the largest collections of 19th, and early 20th century buildings in Southeast Asia. It is a living historic city, with inner city communities, places of worship, guilds, wet market and bazaars, traditional trades and retail shops, trishaw peddlers and hawkers.

Since 1948, George Town’s heritage buildings had been protected under a Rent Control Act. A 1994 census showed that Penang had 12,453 rent control premises with 8,259 located in the heart of George Town. The repeal of Rent Control at the dawning of the new millennium has seen the transition of some tenants to other parts of Penang. However, the State Government is doing all it can to ensure that George Town’s heritage landscape and living culture will survive this transition. Getting George Town listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site will go a long way towards this goal.
Daily, hundreds of tourists both local and foreign, visit this vast preservation of treasures in George Town, in which may be seen and enjoyed the story of Penang's man-made heritage. As the starting point of Penang's multicultural community, the inner city of George Town has many houses of worship, guilds, mosques, temples, clanhouses, district associations, sanghams and lodges which are Penang's 'open museums' of migration and cultural history. The many heritage tour guides are only too happy to reveal to the visitor the beauty and wonder, and the inspiration and spiritual meaning that lie behind each building, each community and each culture.

A nimble amble through the historical sights in George Town: the first four streets mapped out by city fathers in George Town, namely Beach Street, Light Street, Pitt Street (now Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling) and Chulia Street are still very much relevant and bustle with traffic everyday. Just around the corner from Beach Street lies the Colonial Quarter, where Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade, City Hall, Court-house, St. George's Church, Convent Light Street, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, the Protestant Cemetery, and other historical buildings are situated.

A short distance away are what is described as the historic port settlements or 'ethnic enclaves' – the Little India commercial orb, Kapitan Keling mosque, Goddess of Mercy Temple, Mahamariamman Temple, Armenian Street, Acheen Street, Khoo Kongsi, King Street, Weld Quay and others.
(sources from Penang Tourism Official Website @ thing

Photobucketyeah!!! Finally, I've learned how to insert animation pictures in my post. I learned from May.

PhotobucketThank you to May and Alice.

I've made it. PhotobucketLet's share together.

First, save the animation picture to "my computer" or any folders.

Second, open an account under PhotoBucket. Don't worry, it's free.

Third, upload photo to PhotoBucket.

Forth, copy the "html code" and paste it in "edit html".

Finally, it is done. Photobucket

Let's try and play for it.

9th Anniversary......MY FM

My angels....Twins

We went to take a ride on "Eye on Malaysia".Photobucket

Eye on Charlie's AngelsPhotobucket

The Twins came to Kuala Lumpur to have a great shopping trip.

We went to Genting to watch MY FM's 9th Anniversary Show in September 2007. Too far away from the stage, I couldn't watch it clearly enough and identify DJs' playing role. Next time must buy a binoculars and bring it to any concerts or shows.

erm......well....I'm not a supporter of MY FM.PhotobucketI know few of the DJs only. We got free entrance tickets from Euris because of her collegues wanted to attend someone's wedding dinner. Thank you to Euris. Hopefully can get other free entrance tickets as well.Photobucket

.....Full house in da Genting.....

Photobucket"Ipoh Mari - Charlie's Angels"