Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Military Band Competition 2007

I was a member of PGS military band from 1995 to 2000. ooopss....don't guess on my age. I'm always 21 years old. Photobucket

Once you worked in other places, you don't have much time to contact with your juniors or get the latest information from them. Actually, I'm wondering what is their coming competition or any activities that seniors can take part for it. It's been quite sometimes that I did not go back to my secondary school to pay them a visit. Feel sorry to all teachers and juniors. Photobucket

Sam Tet

Sam Tet was the winner of this competition in 2007

Sam Tet


sm ave maria convent

SM Ave Maria Convent - 2nd Winner

sm tuanku abdul rahman

SM Tuanku Abdul Rahman - 3rd Winner


SMK Perempuan Perak (Perak Girls' School) - great job!!!

Though they did not win any title in this competition, they have given so much effort to prepare for this battle. Must give them a big clap.Photobucket


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