Sunday, July 13, 2008


When you are checking your mail, you are able to earn a little xtra money at the same time. Find out more at EmailCashPro.

I've started to earn a little money. Below is my statistics:-

Though I'm earning a little money now, I'm still working on it.

You will get paid to read emails. It's worth to try if you spend time to check your personal emails. Before to sign up for this program, must get a Paypal account.

EmailCashPro will send a "Rewards" email to you, just to spend around 1 minutes to open the email. It's easy as abc.

In other way, once you successfully signed up as member, try to refer to more people and let them become your referrals. Actually, I'm looking for more referrals. (:P)

Com'on, join now. Let's make money online.


LHL said...

Mother, faster teach me la!! haha... u r 小富婆,!!

eNNy said...

now i'm sharing with u....
little money can become 小富婆....
(=.=)" ....faint!
come n join me....then u become next 小富婆.....(:D)

chrissie said...

‘You will get paid to read emails’,normally what kind of emails to read???

eNNy said...

hi, chrissie.
is an advertisement email. you will click on the "paid link" then they will credit your account once you read the advertisement. You don't need to buy anythings. Once you opened the page, hold for 30 seconds. Don't worry. It is not spam mail. (*.*)

allan said...

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Keep up the good work!

eNNy said...

allan, thank you for sharing with me. I'll go through it first before I write it in my blog. (^.~)