Monday, July 7, 2008

Orientation Day.....Sabak Bernam

Yesterday was my fatty's youngest brother, Choon Soon's orientation day in Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah, which is located in Sabak Bernam.

After having our breakfast at around 11am, my fatty suddenly suggested that wanted to go to attend his youngest brother's orientation day.

We arrived at there around 12 noon. Then, we had our lunch with his family and Choon Soon's little girlfriend. (^.^)

fatty's mom

She was feeling excited (because when I said I want to take some photo and quickly posed it. (:D) She becomes one of my model)

nice hostel & environment

feeling tired to climb up to 3rd floor......urghhhh


May be his mom is worried about staying at hostel. Because this is the time for him to be independent.

gosh....I'll be staying at here......(T__T) rack, table and chair.

I did not stay in hostel before. So, I was a bit curious about hostel. What does it look like? (:D) like a person from mountain, do not know many things. really like a "suah gu".


what are they looking at? (@__@)

lucky number.....

fatty and his father.......same smiling face (:D)

medium, small, big......which size u wan....(just kidding) & pink colour shirt.....

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