Sunday, July 6, 2008

Next station......

hurray! next travel station will be ......"drum drum drum"....Macau. I'm going with my 2 buddies, Euris and Joel. Total of 6 persons, include my fatty, Joel's colleague and her colleague's wife. haha....actually I've bought this ticket when Air Asia was having promotion for International flight with RM0 air fare ticket in May. oooooppppssssss......too late to announce.

erm...consider cheap because RM270 per pax, but mine is RM370. :(

urghhhhh......because they have limited seats for promotion. So, may be I'm not lucky enough. (T__T)

so........we are planning to go there for 7 days. We will try to stop at Hong Kong and Shen Zhen. Is it too rush? never mind. I have a good planner, Mr. Fatty. Can not consider the best but better than me. :D

It is my first time to go abroad with my good buddies, Euris and Joel. yeah.....Charlie's Angels are going abroad. (^.^)v

We have few missions to complete. The missions are....... to visit casino in Macau, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, shopping in Shen Zhen and more. hurray!!!

feeling excited and thanks to Joel. Without her persuasion, Euris won't go abroad with us. Guess what? Joel is the queen of the Jungle. :D

She is Leo and Euris is Libra. so, Libra  must obey...... finally....

Well, I'm a Sagittarius. yeah....can run like a my next station. :P


euris said...

Yeah.... Extreamely excited that HK trip is our wish few years ago that now our dream is come true soon. About my indecisive, pls forget about it ok? hehe.... let's look forward to the date coming!!!

eNNy said...

haha.....i'm not dare to angry. (>.<)
finally, our dream comes true. feeling excited. (^.^)V