Thursday, July 31, 2008

Protected by Insurance

Have you bought any insurance to protect yourself?

Like medical card, personal accident and life insurance.

If you haven't bought it, please consider now. It can protect you from time to time, but it depends on your own policy. How much does it cover? How much can you claim when you have accident? Please ask in fully details from your agent. You have the right to understand what are you signing up.

For my policy, it covers 36 critical illness, medical coverage, personal accident and life insurance. I think for the time being should be enough to cover my life medical expenses. For me, these are basic need.

Previously, I've bought an investment insurance but a bit regret to buy this insurance. Because it did not cover much on my medical. I found out when I met an accident. Really a bit disappointed. The agent explained me that my medical only cover RM20k for whole life. does not enough at all to cover my life. So, I decided to sign up another premium to cover my medical expenses.

For saving insurance, it's not recommended to sign up because you can buy fund from any banks or stocks like mutual fund or share to save more money or do some investment. It does not mean that you must have RM1k or RM10k to do such investment. In fact, you can invest with minimum RM200 for first time purchase. It depends on transactions details.

If you can afford to buy an insurance, please keep it for rainy day. Don't wait too late.


Feeling said...

I bought 3 policies since i was 19 yr old..and now i hv 4 insurance policies kekeke lolz

LHL said...

mother, u see,,,,feeling got so many insurance, keke...U must buy more lo.
I had bought an insurance last time, but i just cancel. what do u recommend? heehee..

eNNy said...

feeling, good to hear that you have so many insurance. it's good for you.

oh, babe. pls consider it coz you cant imagine when you need it. later you can look for me coz i'm going to sit for MII exam. :P