Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Charlie's Angels are coming......

Charlie's Angels are coming to Penang!!!! They are "Ipoh Mari". Not from Hollywood.Photobucket

We are going to Penang on this coming Saturday.

To celebrate Joel, Lion Queen's belated birthday as well as Lion King, Jeffery. They are not couple. Don't misunderstanding yo........

Hope to give them a romantic birthday.Photobucket


We have known each other since secondary school. It's been 13 years. wow.......such a long long relationship.

The Twins have known each other since primary school. Both of them always are together for shopping, dancing, drinking, singing and so on, exlude me.PhotobucketBecause I'm working in other places. But, it won't affect our relationship.Photobucket

Hope that our relationship will last forever.

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