Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Horrible.....X allowance

Arhhhhhhhh...........since petrol price hike, my bosses keep silence on this issue. okay....fine. I didn't request for it since I always base in office. (actually, I'm doing sales & marketing) Because of one fxxxxxg boss said that he can't feel of what am I doing. So, he pulled me out and asked me to stay in office. Two bosses have been met up with customers for almost 1 month.

It's okay coz I can access to internet for the whole day. But, I've just received a breaking news from my boss. Both of them said that we are not giving fix allowance to you anymore as we will give you RM0.50 per mileage claim. gosh......!!!! They might think that RM0.50 is as big as elephant!!! Far far away from my house to work.....monthly petrol cost me around RM360. suck!!!! daily travel cost around RM18. They just said that if you want to meet up with customers, can go ahead!!! REALLY??...later will ask me what is the reason of meeting up with customers. For what purpose....bla bla bla

Both of them seem like do not know how to appreciate their staff. Once you get new business, they will assure that their products are the best and fast selling. It's not your effort to do it. (T__T) I've been working with this company for 2 years. haizz.....

I really want to strive for a new life. If not, useless to stay in this kind of office!!! Really appreciate to this kind of company and tought me a lot about what is real life and world!!!! They are spoiling my working mood.....(T__T)

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