Tuesday, July 22, 2008

9th Anniversary......MY FM

My angels....Twins

We went to take a ride on "Eye on Malaysia".Photobucket

Eye on Charlie's AngelsPhotobucket

The Twins came to Kuala Lumpur to have a great shopping trip.

We went to Genting to watch MY FM's 9th Anniversary Show in September 2007. Too far away from the stage, I couldn't watch it clearly enough and identify DJs' playing role. Next time must buy a binoculars and bring it to any concerts or shows.

erm......well....I'm not a supporter of MY FM.PhotobucketI know few of the DJs only. We got free entrance tickets from Euris because of her collegues wanted to attend someone's wedding dinner. Thank you to Euris. Hopefully can get other free entrance tickets as well.Photobucket

.....Full house in da Genting.....

Photobucket"Ipoh Mari - Charlie's Angels"

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