Thursday, July 24, 2008

HBNC = Hospitality Biz Network Consultants

For those who received call from this company, HBNC, please be careful. I received a call on today about winning a vacation voucher for 4 persons, may choose from different places like Kedah, Langkawi, Penang, Pahang and so on. It sounds very attractive because I won a price. But, please don't believe on what they told you. It's a scam. This company is located in Jalan Bangsar.

Actually, last year I received this call before. At last, I didn't turn up because my fatty said that may be it's a scam so better don't go over there to waste our pleasure time. Since it's a bit far from Klang to Jalan Bangsar. Photobucket

The story was like this: This morning, received a call from HBNC, a gal called me up and I forgot to ask her name. Her hp no is 016-225 xxxx. She told me that I've won a price because I went shopping at Tesco, Parkson, MyDin, and so on. wow.....she can list out so many places. She explained that I've filled up a form for a competition when I spent over RM50 in a single receipt. In fact, I didn't. Suddenly, my mind recall it that this company sounds very familiar and received similiar call on last year. Then, she said anytime can come over to her office to collect the voucher. Later, she will sms the address to me.

PhotobucketAnyway, I'm not interested on it. Just replied to her, I'll try to make such arrangement to go over there.

Later, I try to find out more information about this company via internet. For more information, please click here.


Vincent Leong said...

I got a call from HBNC about 10 minutes ago while I was on the Internet and Google pointed me to you.

The Malay guy's number is 016-2237015 and thanks to your post I turned him off immediately without spending much time in finding out what's he up to.

This is not the first time I get such call as well, and with HBNC this is the second time.

eNNy said...

you are so lucky to find my blog. :-P *_~

I just wanna share with all friends around Malaysia and remind them about this company. We should aware of it and don't believe on what they said.

we must be cautioned and alert. please take care, my friend and thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with you..because my husband lost 5K without anything.after received a call from the company,my husband went to the places to get the voucher since the places just near to our house.then,the company promoted him to buy a machine as a share patrner for a business.It costs 45K..then, he agree with them and they asks my husband to pay deposit about 5K.
After he paid the deposit, he surf about this cmpany and found that there were so many person were cheated..then, immidiately he decided to cancel the agreement with the company..On that time he still lucky because loan still not approve.He tried to refund the deposit.We are waiting for a long time.until now we didn't receive the money..He pay the deposit at the end of JUly..after 1 days he cancel the agreement.then the company promised us to refund the money at the end of the year...but untill now we didn't get it.
Last week, one of their employee call my husband and want to meet him...then he explained to my husband that the cmpany were cheated.he cannot do anything unless if we pay him about rm500 to settle the problem and get the money back illegally.huuuhhh...i'm realy stresssss...i'm waiting for a along time..they gave us hope and lastly he just tell us that we cannot refund the money because of my husband were signed the agreement before this..

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