Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arrival in Penang

We arrived in Penang around 10:30am. We waited Jeffery at USM, main campus. We took few photos while we were waiting for Jeffery and Khai. All of us were too excited to start our journey. I think this was first time for all of us to go travelling together. They were Chin Heng's Babe, Aerine's Dear, Pik Guan, Euris, Chee Mun, Eve, Hui Shin, Tart, Fatty and I. wow.....a group of 10 persons.


Penang Trip

aerine, euris, pik guan

Penang Trip

euris & eve

Penang Trip

"say cheese"

hui shin, aerine (both are sister), euris, pik guan, eve n enny

erm.....may be can organise a vote that who is the most beautiful among us. Photobucket

Penang Trip

aerine's dear n chin heng's babe Photobucket

For this Penang trip, unfortunatly we met an accident while we were playing game at the beach, Batu Ferringi after celebrated Uncle Jeff & Pik Guan's belated birthday. Euris twisted her leg when she tried to hit Chee Mun. Her leg was dislocated.

Her hero, Uncle Jeff quickly seeked for assistance from Bay View Hotel. They were willing to help us and brought wheel chair to carry Euris. Appreciated for their help as we were prohibited to enter their hotel at first. Thank, God. They were so kind. May be Euris must treat him a meal or consider to be his GF. Photobucket

Euris was so brave because she didn't cry at that moment. If I were her, I'll cry because I couldn't bear any pain. I really couldn't imagine that Euris could bear with it. All of us accompanied her to general hospital excluded fatty. Because he was not feeling well once we stopped the game. At last, he turned up in hospital and he explained that someone fetched him to go over there without any charges. I couldn't believe it. (@___@)

One thing I couldn't bear with it was Euris's attending doctor; who treated her in bad manner. The doctor advised Euris to admit to wad but didn't explain much about her status. Just said that her leg was in good condition and no crack but have to examine by a specialist. We thought that it was a minor injury and discharged after all. In my opinion, doctor must give a little time for patient to consider whether wanted to admit to wad because the patient has the right to know about her condition.

As I know that there will be no doctor on-duty on Sunday because I've experienced it before. The trainee doctor also admitted that specialist doctors will only be available on Monday morning. But, at last Euris could discharge after examined by another doctor and we fetched her back to Ipoh immediately. At that time was around 3:30am. A special thank you to Louise Then; who is a nurse working in Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh. She recommended Euris to see Dr. Ravi.

Lastly, all of us hope that Euris can recover soon. So, we can go for our next trip. Charlie's Angels are planning to go Genting in end of August. Chee Mun and Yee Wei will go with us too.


LHL said...

this is my 1st trip with M gang, it is unforgetable to me... especially we played at the beach at nigth. Uncle really very active.
And Uncle almost KISS mother when they are playing the games..

By BABE...

Feeling said...

u bad hor u..nvr ask me hor...haha!

eNNy said...

hello, babe. then, wait for ur next trip and let uncle almost KISS u. haha....r u jealous? U r uncle's dreamgirl.

oh, my dearest feeling. you r always busy at ur biz. so, next round sure will invite u, ok?

LHL said...

Kiss your head la, Lai See" s Dear...

yes la, feeling,,,, next trip u wanna join?? when u have t\come back to M'sia?? miss u so much!! If u join the trip, it will be more happy & wonderful. :)

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eNNy said...

com'on, kiss my head, babe...i love it...

eNNy said...

有去几个景点。。。没关系,等下次。。。 :)