Monday, June 30, 2008

Lunch time......Volcano Trip, Bali

We visited volcano; which is still alive in Bali (forgot where is it located). According to our tour guide, Rocky, he said that few hundred years ago happened once time before till now (if not mistaken). We had our lunch at Grand Puncak Sari; where it served international buffet. Our tour guide reminded us that do not buy anything from those people along the street. Because you would buy fake items.

is so stand beside volcano (@.@)

Before we had our lunch, we took few photos as we're so excited to see volcano. Normally, we only able to watch through movie or discovery movie. finally......(^.^)v




special forest......outstanding

Such a nice scene at Lake Batur. Fresh air and cold. It's like standing on Cameron Highlands. According to our tour guide, those villagers will take the soil to build house or other thing as it is quite solid. idea about what does it call....may be some one can tell me on this. As I saw their house, it's not colourful at all especially their temple. Because it is made of those soil from volcano.

look!!! is still

It's cold when you stand at there. gosh......I think we've asked a wrong person to help us taking our photo. haha.....(:D) Anyway, we should say thank you to Uncle, who can speak Cantonese. I think he is from Hong Kong or Guang Zhou.

This is the restaurant; where we had our lunch at here. The food was nice and tasty. You can get local Balinese Malay cuisine. It's quite similar to our local Malay cuisine. Like ayam rendang, ketupat, pisang goreng and etc.  According to our tour guide, this restaurant considers as one of the famous restaurant. Because the food and rate is better than other restaurant.


As many tourists dropped by to take photo, our tour guide also let us to take few photo. Unfortunately, it started raining on that time so we had to be quick.  Really took few photo........(T__T)

Lunch at volcano......(^.^)v

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

It was our last day in Bali. We went to Tanah Lot, one of the famous temple in Bali. But, we were unable to see sunset due to time constraint. We had to rush for another places to visit. haizzzz.......

can on the "black" beach before tide rising :o

strong wave @.@

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Credit Card Issue

Just relevant news about credit card issue. gosh....hope that petrol station in Selangor don't enforce the no-credit-card move. (T__T) Today I need to purchase petrol after my work. Please don't treat me so bad. I'm wondering who will bring so much money on road. For me, definitely no. Unless those boss level, may be they will bring much money. please.....oh.......please.......I still need to almost end of the month. Just give me few more days to go........why my life so much misery, because of you..... (T__T)

Petrol stations in Penang rescind ban on credit cards

GEORGE TOWN: Some of the 200-odd petrol stations here have started to reaccept credit cards from motorists as a method of payment after a “stand-off” of more than 15 hours.

Shell petrol station operator Seraz Ahmad, 45, said he started to accept credit card payments from motorists at his station in Jalan Mesjid Negri after being advised by the petroleum company at about noon yesterday.

Credit crunch: A handwritten sign posted on one of the pumps at a petrol station in Light Street, Penang saying cash transactions only.

“I am glad to put the matter behind me as many of my customers have complained about the move. I hope an amicable solution will be found to resolve our problem of earning less profit following the recent fuel price hike.”

A check on Penang Island also revealed that Caltex and Petronas petrol stations have started reaccepting credit card payments but not Esso and Mobil.

Mobil Stations Malaysia deputy president Roslan Jamaludin said the 20-odd stations in the state have yet to rescind their earlier decision of not accepting credit cards, as there was no directive from the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia to do so.

More than 400 petrol stations in the northern region decided to enforce the no-credit-card-payment move after the association instructed its members nationwide to do so on Tuesday.

(sources from ,dated 26 June 2008)

Sea Turtle in Bali

We went to Bali in March, 2008. We went to visit Sea Turtle. There are so many turtles and the size is like a giant.

funny eating style and sound. Once they heard clapping hand, they will come to us and eat those sea grass. Sea grass is their favourite food, according to the owner of this farm.

giant sea turtle.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Credit Card is not acceptable at Petrol Station

gosh......this is breaking news for credit card holders like me. Normally I use my credit cards to purchase petrol. What's going on? Since petrol price hike, my life is getting more miserable. After that, come out this statement again. Urghhhhh......I will die faster on the street!!!! What am I going to do? To pay cash in advance? No way.......I will receive my claim every earlier of the month and pay my debts for my purchases. (T__T) gosh......How am I going to make sales as I need to meet up with my clients? (T__T) My allowance is still remain as last time though petrol price hike on last two weeks. dream will be destroyed....(T__T)......

Credit card refusal draws ire

GEORGE TOWN: Motorists here are fuming over the sudden move by petrol stations here as well as Kedah and Perlis to refuse payment by credit and fleet cards.

The decision was made following a meeting in Butterworth at 3.30pm yesterday to discuss a circular by the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, which had sent out a notice to 3,200 members nationwide advising them to refuse all cards.

More than 400 stations in the northern region decided to enforce the move and started refusing the payment from midnight.

In the meeting, Mobil Stations Malaysia deputy president Roslan Jamaludin said petrol station operators could no longer shoulder the burden of the card charges.

Sorry, no credit: Workers informing a customer that only cash would be accepted at a petrol station in Tajung Tokong, Penang on Tuesday.

“We lose nearly 50% of our profit to card transactions. How are we going to cut costs if everyone uses cards for their purchase?” he asked.

He added that operators agreed to this “business decision” for “long-term survival” and to highlight their plight to the Government.

Motorist Zafran Zakri Mohamad, 37, said the petrol station operators should not be heartless.

“We are struggling to cope with the recent increase in fuel price. We thought we could depend on credit cards when we run out of cash.

“But now we cannot not even use credit cards. And to impose such a ruling at a time of month when most people are running out of cash is really unacceptable,” said an irate Zafran.

Car rental agent Kintan Natasuri Aziz, 40, who uses the fleet card, said the new ruling would pose much inconvenience to him, as he has to travel outstation to send and pick up cars for rental.

“We also do not carry much cash,” he said.

Another motorist, Maisarah Khairul Anuar, 27, said that if petrol station operators were unhappy with the interest imposed by the banks then they should take it up with banks.

“They should not make consumers suffer,” she said.

Ryan Tang, 31, a graphic designer, said it was not right to immediately implement such decision without giving prior notice to customers.

“What if we run out of petrol after midnight when the ATMs are closed and we cannot withdraw money?” said Tang.

(sources from , dated 25 June 2008)

Redang Trip

After whole day snorkelling, it's time to have our dinner. We decided to have our dinner at "warong kopi" instead of BBQ dinner at Berjaya Beach Resort. Because the BBQ dinner will cost RM73 per pax. erm....We rather to have simple dinner. Lastly, the dinner cost about RM85.

Redang Trip

discussing on menu and what to order.....headache

Redang Trip

good business on that night

After our dinner, we walked to Berjaya Beach Resort. Just a few distance away from warong to resort. We played soccer game at there. Fatty and Eong VS Soon and Yee Wei. Who was the winner team at last? hehe......winner goes to Soon and Yee Wei.

Redang Trip

drinking water also delicious? (@o@)???

Redang Trip

what are you guys thinking?????

Redang Trip

so relax....wanna have a sleep on beach...if you dare to sleep....

Redang Trip

say "cheese".......

Redang Trip

wow....a grand lobby of Berjaya Beach Resort

Redang Trip

checking out and preparing to go home......

Redang Trip

this lobby really can't compare with Berjaya Beach Resort though under same company.....really a bit difference......(=.=)

Redang Trip

eh.....where was Weng?...

Redang Trip

at last, "family" tour photo....yeah....(^.^)

We had a pleasant trip and great time together in Redang. At here, want to special thank to our tour leader, Eong and his wife, Lin Hui for being organized this trip.  Hope to have another tour together in future. Total I spent for this trip was around RM600 include air ticket, ferry, accommodation, sport activity and food.

~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Laguna Beach, Redang

This beach becomes famous because of one movie took screen from here and after the movie on screen. Leading actor for this movie were Richie Yen and Sammi Cheng. Besides, Malaysian actors were Ah Niu (阿牛), Micheal Wong (光良)and so on. I couldn't remember their name. (:P) I think this movie was last few years ago. This movie was about a romantic love story.

Many tourists on the beach

This is More More Tea Inn......but now become souvenir gift shop no muscle man........haha

must visit tourist place....

all become muscle man...........haha

having fun to take photo at here

oh no......."eternal triangle".....

gosh.......look at them....Soon is the most happiness in this world because he has 2 lovers.....haha....(:D)....just kidding. Three of them are best friend. (^.~)

Happiness couple, Lin Hui and Eong

enny and ivan

of course must take a photo in front of More More Tea Inn

the wave was getting stronger during evening time, around 4pm

At last, we spent 10 - 20 mins to take photo because the wave was getting stronger and our captain told us that do not leave here too long. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to our captain. Without his help to take my camera and pass to fatty, we're unable to take photo. Well, he is a great swimmer and good captain.


lonely island.....

Unfortunately, we're unable to see sea turtle and snorkelling after Laguna Beach. Because the wave was getting stronger and our captain scared that we're unable to go back. So, we just dropped by and tried to see sea turtle on boat. haizzzz.........

erm.....if you plan to come to Redang Island and want to have snorkelling trip, you may find a boat and a captain directly from jetty. We've asked the captain about how much to rent a boat. He said around RM600 - RM700. But, our snorkelling trip is RM150 per pax x 7 pax = RM1050. Finally, we able to get RM50 discount from agent. So, total is RM1000. We had a nice snorkelling trip in Redang.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Redang for snorkelling

A group of 7 people went to Redang on 13 June 2008. It's 3 days 2 nights trip, organised by Eong and Lin Hui. Both of them are good tour leader. (^.^)

Redang Trip

oopss....i was not in the picture. (:p) Total of 7 persons went for this Redang trip. Eong (tour leader), Lin Hui (leader's wife), Soon, Yee Wei, Weng, Ivan and I went for this trip. Well, it was such a nice trip.

Redang Trip

We went to Berjaya Beach Resort to have a late evening swim as that time was around 5pm. erm....the beach is nice and the sand is soft. Hardly to find any "death" corals on beach. erm.....not like Marine Park. Nice to have a walk at there.  We do have a nice snorkelling at Berjaya Beach. It has an own platform for swimmers to take a rest at there. And we're able to see a lot of fish at there. wow...... It was my first time to see a huge group of big and small fish. Feel pity that unable to take underwater photo. (:'(

Fatty and Weng had a lucky day on 1st day snorkelling at Berjaya Beach because they found "gold".  Weng was the first person to find 2 pcs of RM1 notes while snorkelling. Then, fatty found 2 pcs of RM10 notes while finding Yee Wei's google. Total found RM23. Such a lucky day for us!!!

Redang Trip

sleeping babes.....nice posture....(:D)

 Redang Trip's time for snorkelling. let's take a picture and show "V". All of us were so excited to start snorkelling. 

Redang Trip

yeah.....finally to have a "family" photo....yeah!!!

Redang Trip

water is soooooooo.........clear

Redang Trip

wow.....look....a lot of fish under the water......very colourful

Redang Trip

haha......fatty was so scared that fish will eat his "fresh"

Redang Trip

little poor Yee Wei. look at him....he was too tired of snorkelling for whole day. (:D) ........but, I don't think soooo.......(@。@)

Redang Trip 

show "V"........nice snorkelling

The corals are pretty. But, the most scary coral in Pulau Piku. The corals are like giant. Sooooo big enough. I was able to see Nemo Fish under the sea. Really so small and cute. According to Lin Hui, Nemo fish is staying in green coral like grass coral. Pity that do not have camera to take photo. haizzzz...........

The most terrible beach is Marine Park because there are many death corals. And corals are quite near to the beach that many people easy to step on it. But, that place is for beginner to learn snorkelling. It's so easy to learn as long as you know how to use the google. And must wear life jacket for safety purposes!

I like snorkelling as I can see a lot of colourful fish under seawater. It's very funny to see a fish biting the coral and can hear its sound while biting the coral.'s so memorable.