Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lunch in Ding Dong, Kuala Terengganu

One of our tour member, Yee Wei recommended us to go Ding Dong stall to have our lunch, which is located in food court of China Town.

Ding Dong Stall

Ding Dong stall is specialized in fried cooking. Not bad to have our lunch at there. Though it is an open air food court, it is not too hot to sit underneath trees.

Ding Dong Stall

yummy.....hokchiak.....interpreted by tour leader, Eong

Ding Dong Stall

braised yee mee + fried egg......ordered by Yee Wei

Ding Dong Stall

fried mee hoon ...... ordered by Fatty

Ding Dong Stall

fried mee + fried egg ...... ordered by Eong

Ding Dong Stall

braised kway teow ..... ordered by Lin Hui

Lin Hui and Soon

Lin Hui and Soon......looked satisfy on their food

Yee Wei and Weng

Yee Wei and Weng.....funny look

Fatty n Pretty

yeah...... after our lunch...... yummy yummy......(^__*)

Roasted Chicken Rice

erm.....another Chinese cuisine want to recommend, that is "Roasted Chicken Rice". Just beside Ding Dong stall. It's delicious and tasty. If not, my fatty won't eat this chicken rice. Because, he ate one plate of fried mee hoon before I ordered this. Wow....

Ding Dong Stall n Chicken Rice Stall

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