Monday, June 23, 2008

Redang for snorkelling

A group of 7 people went to Redang on 13 June 2008. It's 3 days 2 nights trip, organised by Eong and Lin Hui. Both of them are good tour leader. (^.^)

Redang Trip

oopss....i was not in the picture. (:p) Total of 7 persons went for this Redang trip. Eong (tour leader), Lin Hui (leader's wife), Soon, Yee Wei, Weng, Ivan and I went for this trip. Well, it was such a nice trip.

Redang Trip

We went to Berjaya Beach Resort to have a late evening swim as that time was around 5pm. erm....the beach is nice and the sand is soft. Hardly to find any "death" corals on beach. erm.....not like Marine Park. Nice to have a walk at there.  We do have a nice snorkelling at Berjaya Beach. It has an own platform for swimmers to take a rest at there. And we're able to see a lot of fish at there. wow...... It was my first time to see a huge group of big and small fish. Feel pity that unable to take underwater photo. (:'(

Fatty and Weng had a lucky day on 1st day snorkelling at Berjaya Beach because they found "gold".  Weng was the first person to find 2 pcs of RM1 notes while snorkelling. Then, fatty found 2 pcs of RM10 notes while finding Yee Wei's google. Total found RM23. Such a lucky day for us!!!

Redang Trip

sleeping babes.....nice posture....(:D)

 Redang Trip's time for snorkelling. let's take a picture and show "V". All of us were so excited to start snorkelling. 

Redang Trip

yeah.....finally to have a "family" photo....yeah!!!

Redang Trip

water is soooooooo.........clear

Redang Trip

wow.....look....a lot of fish under the water......very colourful

Redang Trip

haha......fatty was so scared that fish will eat his "fresh"

Redang Trip

little poor Yee Wei. look at him....he was too tired of snorkelling for whole day. (:D) ........but, I don't think soooo.......(@。@)

Redang Trip 

show "V"........nice snorkelling

The corals are pretty. But, the most scary coral in Pulau Piku. The corals are like giant. Sooooo big enough. I was able to see Nemo Fish under the sea. Really so small and cute. According to Lin Hui, Nemo fish is staying in green coral like grass coral. Pity that do not have camera to take photo. haizzzz...........

The most terrible beach is Marine Park because there are many death corals. And corals are quite near to the beach that many people easy to step on it. But, that place is for beginner to learn snorkelling. It's so easy to learn as long as you know how to use the google. And must wear life jacket for safety purposes!

I like snorkelling as I can see a lot of colourful fish under seawater. It's very funny to see a fish biting the coral and can hear its sound while biting the coral.'s so memorable.


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