Friday, June 20, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero


Hancock will be screened on cinema on 3rd July 2008. Do not miss this fantastic movie! The lead actor is Will Smith. There are heroes, there are superheroes and then there's Hancock.

What do you think about a superhero will be? Like a Superman or Ironman? Do you believe that we can have a real superhero in our reality world or our life? For me, yes. My superhero is my mom (also can be considered as superhero though she is woman). (:D) Well, she is good in everything and save my life since I was baby.

This is a real story from my mom about saving my life. When I was baby around 5 or 6 moths old, my eldest brother accidentally to put a sweet inside my mouth. Because at that time I was crying so he was annoying to listen my crying. Later few second, I was silence because I was choke. My mom did not heard my crying so she was wondering why suddenly so quiet. Then, she came to me and quickly hang me up to take out the sweet. For your information, please do not use your finger to take out the sweet as it will deeper and deeper. Finally, my mom save my little life and scolded my eldest brother for being foolish of giving me sweet to keep silence.

Another story was about the incident in Penang around 1980s, I really can't remember when was it. It's about the jetty incident. Whole family went to Penang for praying to pray for a safety life in future. At that time, we're waiting for a ferry in Penang to return back to Butterworth after we've missed the ferry. I was quite young, around 5 or 6 years old, if not mistaken, always looked around because I was curious that why got so many people around here. It was so crowded in jetty while waiting for another ferry. So, my mom hold me up that won't lose me. Luckily, we're successful to get in the ferry. After few seconds, the jetty was falling down once we're on the ferry. All people were shocked. I couldn't remember how many people were died. Again, my mom save my little life and my eldest brother. Without her, we couldn't get into the ferry.

Well, my mom is my superhero in my life as she saved my life twice. Mummy, I love you forever. I wish I could be your superhero in future. (^.^)


euris said...

so hv to spend more times go bk visit ur mum lo... dun owayz black black face... XD

eNNy said...

wah.....where got black black face. but sometimes will show, coz jealous, always care about her grandsons....forgot about me. haiz....
sometimes will chat with her over the phone coz miss her too. really.... mom didn't blame on me but my angels blame on me. headache!