Monday, June 30, 2008

Lunch time......Volcano Trip, Bali

We visited volcano; which is still alive in Bali (forgot where is it located). According to our tour guide, Rocky, he said that few hundred years ago happened once time before till now (if not mistaken). We had our lunch at Grand Puncak Sari; where it served international buffet. Our tour guide reminded us that do not buy anything from those people along the street. Because you would buy fake items.

is so stand beside volcano (@.@)

Before we had our lunch, we took few photos as we're so excited to see volcano. Normally, we only able to watch through movie or discovery movie. finally......(^.^)v




special forest......outstanding

Such a nice scene at Lake Batur. Fresh air and cold. It's like standing on Cameron Highlands. According to our tour guide, those villagers will take the soil to build house or other thing as it is quite solid. idea about what does it call....may be some one can tell me on this. As I saw their house, it's not colourful at all especially their temple. Because it is made of those soil from volcano.

look!!! is still

It's cold when you stand at there. gosh......I think we've asked a wrong person to help us taking our photo. haha.....(:D) Anyway, we should say thank you to Uncle, who can speak Cantonese. I think he is from Hong Kong or Guang Zhou.

This is the restaurant; where we had our lunch at here. The food was nice and tasty. You can get local Balinese Malay cuisine. It's quite similar to our local Malay cuisine. Like ayam rendang, ketupat, pisang goreng and etc.  According to our tour guide, this restaurant considers as one of the famous restaurant. Because the food and rate is better than other restaurant.


As many tourists dropped by to take photo, our tour guide also let us to take few photo. Unfortunately, it started raining on that time so we had to be quick.  Really took few photo........(T__T)

Lunch at volcano......(^.^)v

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