Monday, June 9, 2008

Life will be more Miserable

My lovely country, Malaysia is producing petroleum but citizens are not eligible to get low rate compare with those countries as shown in above. We are paying RM2.70 from 5th June 2008. Before that, the selling price for petrol was RM1.92 per litre. Now, petrol price hike up to 41%. (T__T) Our life will be more miserable. (T__T)

I have to re-arrange my plan for the next few months because of this shocking news. What can you imagine that the life is without shopping, watching movie, singing, dancing and etc! May be you might say that this is not worst situation that we are facing. We still can survive without these gorgeous life but we must use to it ever and ever. Well, these are not my part of life because I seldom go shopping, singing and dancing.

I love watching movie. Then, I have to wake up early in the morning especially on Sunday to enjoy early bird privilege. Oh my god! Even on Sunday also need to wake up earlier. (T__T)

So, I have to work hard now and try to set up an e-store. You may provide me some suggestions. My web is up and coming. Let's work hard together in order to achieve our own goal.

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