Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Flight to Bangkok

I was so excited to take my first flight in LCCT by Air Asia. It was in February, 2006. It was to celebrate my fatty's birthday in Bangkok. We spent 3 days and 2 night. We stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It is Thailand's tallest hotel, rising 88 storey above the Bangkok skyline, strategically located in the heart of downtown, surrounded by bustling market and entertainment attractions, within easy walking distance to major shopping centres: Central World Plaza, Gaysorn Plaza, Peninsula Plaza, Amarin Plaza, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Square, MBK Center and many more and for all day long shopping spree, free shuttle van service between Baiyoke Sky Hotel - Siam Discovery.


Our first destination is Siam Square. Such a nice environment. Look at my behind, such a nice fountain. erm......I think KLCC got one.....

Green Wave

It seems like they have so many events. May be the 106.5FM was celebrating some kind of anniversary. It was crowded and happening event.


The most impressed places are "Wat". There are so many temples, no matter small or big. Most of them are very elegant and impressive. Mostly have own history like ex-king stayed there before as palace. So, some of them become historical places. For visitors are not advisable to wear sleeveless shirt and short pant. Because it is scared place. Visitors must show their respect. Palace

Some of the temples need to pay entrance fees. Around 10 baht persons. May be my information is incorrect due to few years ago. (:p) There will be have English-speaking story teller. You will have a map when you pay for entrance fees. Like Grand Palace, Dusit Palace. You may spend few hours to visit those palace.

erm.......about communication with local people. Some of them may understand English. There is no difficulty for us to find food to eat. haha....(:D) I like to eat local food like hawker stall. But, I did not take any precaution like injection Hepatitis A. I think I should take an injection for this in order to protect my liver. Well, the food consider nice and varieties. Cooking is different from us. Like char kway teow, they did not put drying oil. So, it looked like original kway teow. For me, it's a bit juicy and tasty. The love to put dried chillies instead of chillies sauce.

Floating Market

We also went to their famous floating market. Really impressive on it. Unfortunately, we took an expensive boat around 2,000 baht. My God!!! After we paid for it, we found out that the boat cost around RM200 per trip. Oh no....Well, we have no choice at all because the taxi driver took us at 1st station. May be we should say we need cheapest ride. Haizzzz............The market is really crowded as you can see

from the scene. If you need to stop at certain shop, you may tell to your driver to stop there. But, the driver prefer to stop at the shop with good relationship because he may earn extra commission on selling products. I think so. May be it's not. (:p) We go shopping usually by foot where as floating market is by boat.

Floating Market

The driver will stop in front of the shop and the shopkeepers will show you all attractive and interesting products. They try to promote their products. Both of us are not good in bargaining so we've bought some items which are quite expensive. (:D) At least, we've gained some experience. We also tried for the soup noodle. My fatty also said it nice and delicious. We ate our food on boat. yummy yummy.....

Due to time constraint, we were unable to go to Chatuja Market; which is famous in Thailand. This market is quite special and open during weekend only. We've missed this place.

Jim Thompson

It's Jim Thompson, house museum. We didn't enter this museum because it did not open for visiting on that morning. End up, we just took a photo in front of it.

We did not take much photo due to space constraint on digital camera. (:$) I borrowed digital camera from my company. At last, we only took around 50 pcs photo. haizz.......


Vimanmek - The World's Largest Golden Teakwood Mansion

Marble Temple

Marble Temple - Wat Benchamabophit


nice scene....with a pretty gal....(:D)


temple.....forgot where is it.....(:p)

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