Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rebate.....can it be lessening our burden?

Do you think that the rebate can reduce our burden? RM625 per year. Not enough for those sales & marketing persons. Because they travel a lot. Some of sales persons need to pay for their own petrol.

From now on, I need to plan for my schedule and road plan in order to avoid wasting my petrol. (T__T) Once I go to incorrect road in KL, I have difficulty to return back. So, I have to plan well before I go out and meet up my customers. (^__^) A smart way to save petrol. :D

Recently talking about petrol issue. Once petrol hike, everything also will be affected. Especially transport service company. But, (T__T).......my salary is not affected......(T__T)......why? why? why? tell me why? Even my boss would not talk about this issue......haha.....how smart they are? Both of them keep silence about petrol hike. Then, my salary also be silence....SHhhhh.......


McMeow said...

ya..i agree! if we go to a wrong road we need to go very far for u-turn back or else..i seldom go kl but only in pj also make me wan vomit blood..

eNNy said...

yes, you are right, mcmeow. almost all roads are the same. once go wrong.....seems like never return...(:D) (lol)