Friday, June 20, 2008

Lunch in Pulau Perhentian

We've been snorkelling for half day. So, our captain decided to bring us to Pulau Perhentian to have our lunch at there. ooppss.....forgot to take a photo in front of Dewan.....haizzzz....

When we reached there, we saw 3 little boys are fishing. They are using white bread as bait. Finally, they successfully to get 5 fishes before we had our lunch. (@__@)

Pulau Perhentian's Tom Yam

 Sexy Babe

sexy babe on beach......(@o@)

Pulau Perhentian

nice shot, right? well, I was using Yee Wei's camera to take this photo. The camera is really good enough and powerful as it can have 18x zoom. Even you can zoom to take sexy babe's photo as above.

Pulau Perhentian

Ayam Paprik....ordered by Soon

Pulau Perhentian

Tom Yam Ayam campur dengan sayur.....ordered by eNNy

Just want to say sorry to Soon. Because he started eating his food when I wanted to take this photo. Sorry....(:P) ooppsss....forgot to ask him about the taste.

For me, the Tom Yam is nice and the colour of the soup is different from west coast. It's not too oily. And I love more vege in my soup......(^__^) This meal total cost us about RM65 for 7 persons, if I've not mistaken. erm.....have to double confirm with Lin Hui, because she was our financial advisor. ooopsss.....I think should be for 6 persons because little Yee Wei didn't take his lunch. (@.@) guess what?.....he was seasickness.


marytance said...

I like Tom Yam, its my favorite.Yummy yummy....

eNNy said...'s really yummy...(^.~)

eNNy said...'s really yummy...(^.~)