Thursday, June 26, 2008

Petrol stations in Penang rescind ban on credit cards

GEORGE TOWN: Some of the 200-odd petrol stations here have started to reaccept credit cards from motorists as a method of payment after a “stand-off” of more than 15 hours.

Shell petrol station operator Seraz Ahmad, 45, said he started to accept credit card payments from motorists at his station in Jalan Mesjid Negri after being advised by the petroleum company at about noon yesterday.

Credit crunch: A handwritten sign posted on one of the pumps at a petrol station in Light Street, Penang saying cash transactions only.

“I am glad to put the matter behind me as many of my customers have complained about the move. I hope an amicable solution will be found to resolve our problem of earning less profit following the recent fuel price hike.”

A check on Penang Island also revealed that Caltex and Petronas petrol stations have started reaccepting credit card payments but not Esso and Mobil.

Mobil Stations Malaysia deputy president Roslan Jamaludin said the 20-odd stations in the state have yet to rescind their earlier decision of not accepting credit cards, as there was no directive from the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia to do so.

More than 400 petrol stations in the northern region decided to enforce the no-credit-card-payment move after the association instructed its members nationwide to do so on Tuesday.

(sources from ,dated 26 June 2008)

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