Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Laguna Beach, Redang

This beach becomes famous because of one movie took screen from here and after the movie on screen. Leading actor for this movie were Richie Yen and Sammi Cheng. Besides, Malaysian actors were Ah Niu (阿牛), Micheal Wong (光良)and so on. I couldn't remember their name. (:P) I think this movie was last few years ago. This movie was about a romantic love story.

Many tourists on the beach

This is More More Tea Inn......but now become souvenir gift shop

Ironman.....no no no.......is muscle man........haha

must visit tourist place....

all become muscle man...........haha

having fun to take photo at here

oh no......."eternal triangle".....

gosh.......look at them....Soon is the most happiness in this world because he has 2 lovers.....haha....(:D)....just kidding. Three of them are best friend. (^.~)

Happiness couple, Lin Hui and Eong

enny and ivan

of course must take a photo in front of More More Tea Inn

the wave was getting stronger during evening time, around 4pm

At last, we spent 10 - 20 mins to take photo because the wave was getting stronger and our captain told us that do not leave here too long. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to our captain. Without his help to take my camera and pass to fatty, we're unable to take photo. Well, he is a great swimmer and good captain.


lonely island.....

Unfortunately, we're unable to see sea turtle and snorkelling after Laguna Beach. Because the wave was getting stronger and our captain scared that we're unable to go back. So, we just dropped by and tried to see sea turtle on boat. haizzzz.........

erm.....if you plan to come to Redang Island and want to have snorkelling trip, you may find a boat and a captain directly from jetty. We've asked the captain about how much to rent a boat. He said around RM600 - RM700. But, our snorkelling trip is RM150 per pax x 7 pax = RM1050. Finally, we able to get RM50 discount from agent. So, total is RM1000. We had a nice snorkelling trip in Redang.


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eNNy said...

在此谢谢你来临。 ^.~

LHL said...

wa,... u took many photo in redang trip, aiyo... i really "miss" this trip already..

eNNy said...

yeah......i've asked to join.
don't blame on me yo...~~ :p :D