Monday, June 2, 2008

First time to oversea........Hatyai


I'm so excited and expected to Hatyai with my friends. Ivan, Euris, Sook Yee, Jeffery, Mandy and I together went to Hatyai in February 2006. It's my fist time to oversea though it's quite near to my country. I've never been there before. Anyway, I won't forget this sweet memory with my friends together as it was my first time to go oversea with them.

From the beginning, I wish to go to Hatyai because of "Tiger Show". It's a kind of show for adults. We able to watch it but it's not a real "Tiger Show" what we want at all. Feeling like being cheated by the agent. He said that this show is banned from government to public. At that moment, my emotion like falling in to "hell". Oh, no!!! I could not watch this show in my life. I'm not trying to say that I love to watch this kind of show. It's just that I heard from my friends and they recommend me to go for it. Anyway, we went for "Ah Gua Show". It's such a nice show and you could not miss it. The food is ready before the show. The food is tasty and delicious especially Thai famous cuisine, Tom Yam. You have to try on it.


We were so happy after shopping. You can try on mango rice. It's juicy and tasty food. Don't forget to try on coconut drink. We also visited local temple before shopping. Hope to have a safety and wonderful journey.


erm.....We really do not understand what does it say but we wish to take a photo as our memory. At least, we've been to Hatyai. :D

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