Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keep a marshmallow warm with a fire

Who likes to eat marshmallow?

I have never tried before. Have you?

Normally will see those people to have marshmallow while having barbeque or with dessert.

May be one day I will try to make a dessert with marshmallow for my little one. Smile

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New E-blog for Selling Kid's Apparels

Hello everyone, I have been a long time for not updating my blog since 2009. Well, where have I been or what was I doing? Hmmm......I think future is much more important. The past was over. I need to step forward and so do you!!!

Now, I'm doing another e-commerce with my best friend, Euris to sell kid's apparels. Last time I sold ladies' apparels and now change to kid's apparels. Time to invest in kid's stuff because we are getting old and will marry soon so will focus on our new baby. Don't you agree with me? :-)

Hopefully can get more support from all mummies. EziMum is a blog where you can buy kid's apparels with a mouse click. It's a new e-commerce blog and still need room to grow. Currently, I'm in Blenheim, New Zealand and hardly to access internet. Normally will go to library of Blenheim to do some update and sourcing because can get free internet usage. :-P

This is my new career and new start in New Zealand. Hope everything is going smoothly though Gods always wants me to have some new challenges.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Alive....

I've been a long time for not blogging and updating my blog.

erm....what was I doing recently?

First thing: favourite hobbies....haha....

I went to Cambodia, Macau, China (Guangzhou, Zhuhai & Shenzhen) and Hong Kong.

Show time:

DSC07656 we're going to on board...hooray^^ - Hong Kong, we're coming!!!



yeah.....arrived at Cambodia International Airport.....


Second Thing:

My fashion online blog is being uploaded. Please feel free to visit my fashion store at You have to make a pre-order with us and the delivery lead time will be around 2 - 4 weeks due to need to check with my suppliers. Currently, I do not keep store so this is my main concept to let customer to make a pre-order for the designated clothes. Please feel free to visit my store. (^.^)v


Third Thing:

still thinking....hahahaha......


Forth Thing:

still thinking....hahahaha.....

Anyway, I will become an active blogger again. Hopefully....hahaha....  yeah!!!!....

Friday, November 7, 2008


Feel sorry for not being updated my blog such a long long time.  oops.....i'm not a daily blogger anymore. 

Recently, I've changed my job and it seems like to change my life tooooooooo.........Photobucket

Learning new things and it's quite challenging for the time being. Why am I saying like this? 

erm.........may be i'm having adaptation period towards my bla bla bla......

Besides, facing my health problem, very headache and a bit upset when receiving the "bad" news. Too many "bad" things happened in this year.......even my career, study, exam, family affairs.........

Feel tired and lost for a while.........sometimes........ I really don't wanna bother all those things. 

But somehow, I can't avoid it to be happened in my life??? Sometimes feel like wanna Photobucket

In fact, I'm not dared to undergo it. I just pretend that it's fine and not a big deal. I convince myself that I can overcome but mentally, it wasn't. If my health really turns to "worse", what will happen to the next? Really can't imagine it...........

I will cry when I'm alone.......thinking that...... Will it be my life ended in this way? ...... or Just begin another new journey for me again? Am I too pessimistic? ....... May be thinking too much....... May be it's a test for me..... So, I can grow stronger and tougher........ Photobucket

Where there's a will, there's a way......... I can DO get rid of those "bad" things......... 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Back.....

I was quite busy at my new job.

wow..... Finally, I got a new job. Photobucket

Feel relieve and find my new journey at last......

It's been one month that I did not update my blog. Feel sorry to all my friends and I didn't visit others blog as well.

Now, it's getting a new journey so I need to cope with it.

I'm sure can do it. Trust myself. Be confident.

Well, I got a lot of stories to write; which happened on last month.

Unhappy and happy .....