Sunday, October 9, 2011

New E-blog for Selling Kid's Apparels

Hello everyone, I have been a long time for not updating my blog since 2009. Well, where have I been or what was I doing? Hmmm......I think future is much more important. The past was over. I need to step forward and so do you!!!

Now, I'm doing another e-commerce with my best friend, Euris to sell kid's apparels. Last time I sold ladies' apparels and now change to kid's apparels. Time to invest in kid's stuff because we are getting old and will marry soon so will focus on our new baby. Don't you agree with me? :-)

Hopefully can get more support from all mummies. EziMum is a blog where you can buy kid's apparels with a mouse click. It's a new e-commerce blog and still need room to grow. Currently, I'm in Blenheim, New Zealand and hardly to access internet. Normally will go to library of Blenheim to do some update and sourcing because can get free internet usage. :-P

This is my new career and new start in New Zealand. Hope everything is going smoothly though Gods always wants me to have some new challenges.

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