Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chelsea match....miss out....

PhotobucketUrghhh........miss out this match in Malaysia.

We couldn't turn up at Stadium Shah Alam to watch this match because fatty was too busy at his work on that day. So, we've lost this golden opportunity to meet his favourite players and I couldn't watch handsome guys......Photobucket

Results was Malaysia 0 - 2 Chelsea. Malaysia team still has room to be improved. Cheers......

Scorers were Anelka and Ashley Cole.

So, have to wait for another Chelsea Asian tour. I wish Arsenal can come over to Malaysia to have their Asian tour too.

Can get more news about Chelsea, please click here.

Football fever is going to start soon because of EPL (English Premier League). Next champion for EPL will go to Arsenal....yeah.....Photobucket


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